Determine if two file paths refer to the same file

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A filename path may include redundant names such as `.' or `..' or symbolic links (on UNIX platforms). File.getCanonicalFile() converts a filename path to a unique canonical form suitable for comparisons.

    File file1 = new File("./filename");
    File file2 = new File("filename");
    // Filename paths are not equal
    boolean b = file1.equals(file2);      // false
    // Normalize the paths
    try {
        file1 = file1.getCanonicalFile(); // c:\almanac1.4\filename
        file2 = file2.getCanonicalFile(); // c:\almanac1.4\filename
    } catch (IOException e) {
    // Filename paths are now equal
    b = file1.equals(file2);              // true


Converts a pathname to an absolute pathname and compares them.

def same_path?(path1, path2)
  path1 = File.expand_path(path1)
  path2 = File.expand_path(path2)
  path1 == path2

p same_path?("./filename", "filename")  #=> true