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Why does CodeCodex have advertising?[edit]

CodeCodex, unlike Wikipedia, does have advertising on most pages. The creators of CodeCodex felt that there were two options for funding bandwidth costs:

  • 1) No advertising, but hold periodic fund-raising events, similar to Wikipedia.
  • 2) Use a small amount of relevant advertising, but do not hold interruptive fund-raising events.

We chose option 2 to get CodeCodex off the ground. The creators felt personally that they, as users of CodeCodex themselves, prefer a small amount of unobtrusive advertising that is relevant to coders than to periodically beg users for donations.

What's an ad and what's content?[edit]

Ads appear on most pages in two areas.

  • 1) The left column contains Google AdWords underneath the toolbox.
  • 2) The bottom line of the main content area contains Google AdWord Links.

Advertisers do not effect the content provided by contributors in CodeCodex.


If you disagree and think that CodeCodex should be ad-free, just say so. This is a community project, and everyone has an equal voice.

Where does the revenue go?[edit]

To date, all of CodeCodex's ad clicks have gone to pay for bandwidth. CodeCodex is not profitable to date. Should CodeCodex continue to grow, expenses will likely rise along with revenue. However, if CodeCodex does become profitable in the future, we will set up a non-profit organization similar to Wikipedia to handle investments in technology/scalability and the community.