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The following is a list of the algorithms as described in Wikipedia.

Most of these algorithms should have code in a number of languages in CC. In order to add one of these algorithms to CC:

  1. Create the new article title. Remember that article titles in CC need not be as specific as those in Wikipedia. For example, "Java" is ok in CodeCodex, where as the article in Wikipedia is "Java programming language."
  2. Add relevant information to the article. A good start is by copying appropriate information from Wikipedia. Then google the algorithm to try and find available source code on the net.
  3. Add categorical information to the article. For example, a Java JSP page that serves up CSS would fall under the categories: Java, JSP, and CSS.

Combinatorial algorithms[edit]

General combinatorial algorithms[edit]

Graph algorithms[edit]

See main article graph theory

Search algorithms[edit]

String algorithms[edit]


Approximate matching[edit]

Sort algorithms[edit]

Merge algorithms[edit]

  • Simple Merge algorithm
  • k-way Merge algorithm

Compression algorithms[edit]

Lossless compression algorithms[edit]

Lossy compression algorithms[edit]