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The code examples below show how to draw a scatter plot.

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2D Plot Applet[edit]


This code requires Java Components for Mathematics, an external library, to run.
*                                                                        *
*  This source code file, and compiled classes derived from it, can      *
*  be used and distributed without restriction, including for commercial *
*  use.  (Attribution is not required but is appreciated.)               * 
*                                                                        *
*   David J. Eck                                                         *
*   Department of Mathematics and Computer Science                       *
*   Hobart and William Smith Colleges                                    *
*   Geneva, New York 14456,   USA                                        *
*   Email: eck@hws.edu          WWW: http://math.hws.edu/eck/            *
*                                                                        *

import edu.hws.jcm.awt.*;
import edu.hws.jcm.data.*;
import edu.hws.jcm.draw.*;

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.io.*;
import java.net.*;
import java.util.*;
import java.applet.Applet;

 * A ScatterPlotApplet shows a scatter plot of data from a DataTableInput.
 * The user can enter the data in a two-column table that is shown in
 * the applet.  It is also possible to configure the applet with a menu
 * of file names.  These files, which must be in the same directory as
 * the Web page on which the applet appears, will appear in a menu.
 * A file can contain data for the table, with two numbers per line.
 * When the user loads the file, the data replaces the data in the table.

public class ScatterPlotApplet extends Applet implements ActionListener {

   private Frame frame;       // If non-null, a separate window.
   private String frameTitle; // Title for the separate window.
   private Button launchButton;  // If non-null, then clicking this buttons opens a separate window.
   private String launchButtonName;  // Name for the launch button.
   private DataTableInput table;    //  The table for input of data.
   private ScatterPlot scatterPlot; //  The scatter plot of the data.
   private DisplayCanvas canvas;    //  The DisplayCanvas on which the plot is drawn.
   private Button loadFileButton;   //  When clicked, a data file is loaded.
   private Choice fileMenu;         //  Pop-up menu containing names of functions.
   private String[] fileNames;      //  Names of data files associated with menu entries.
   private Controller mainController;  // Controller from the main JCMPanel.

    * The init() method is called by the system to set up the applet. 
    * If the applet does not appear as a button, then init() creates the main panel of the applet
    * and calls setUpMainPanel to set it up.
   public void init() {
      frameTitle = getParameter("FrameTitle"); // Get title to be used for separate window, if any.
      if (frameTitle == null) {
         frameTitle = "Scatter Plots";
         int pos = frameTitle.lastIndexOf('.');
         if (pos > -1)
            frameTitle =  frameTitle.substring(pos+1);
      setLayout(new BorderLayout());
      int height = getSize().height;
      launchButtonName = getParameter("LaunchButtonName");
      if ( (height > 0 && height <= 50) || launchButtonName != null) {
              // Use a separater window and only show a button in the applet.
          if (launchButtonName == null)
               launchButtonName = "Launch " + frameTitle;
          launchButton = new Button(launchButtonName);
          add(launchButton, BorderLayout.CENTER);
      else {
             // Show the main panel in the applet, not in a separate window.
          add(makeMainPanel(), BorderLayout.CENTER);

    * Create the main panel of the applet.
   public Panel makeMainPanel() {
      // Make the main panel
      JCMPanel panel = new JCMPanel(2);
      mainController = panel.getController();
      panel.setBackground(new Color(0,0,180));
      setLayout(new BorderLayout());
      // Make a DataInputTable with two columns
      table = new DataTableInput(null, 2);
      table.setColumnName(0, getParameter("ColumnName1", "X"));
      table.setColumnName(1, getParameter("ColumnName2", "Y"));
      if ( "yes".equalsIgnoreCase(getParameter("ShowColumnTitles","yes")))
      if ( "yes".equalsIgnoreCase(getParameter("ShowRowNumbers","yes")))
      // Make input boxes for getting expressions that can include
      // the variables associated with the table.  Initially, the 
      // expressions are just the column names.

      Parser parser = new Parser();
      ExpressionInput input1 = new ExpressionInput(table.getColumnName(0),parser);
      ExpressionInput input2 = new ExpressionInput(table.getColumnName(1),parser);
      // Make a scatter plot that graphs the first expressiong vs. the second expression.

      scatterPlot = new ScatterPlot(table, input1.getExpression(), input2.getExpression());
      if ( ! "yes".equalsIgnoreCase(getParameter("ShowRegressionLine","yes")))
      if ( ! "yes".equalsIgnoreCase(getParameter("MissingValueIsError","yes")))
      // Create the display canvas where the scater plot will be shown.

      canvas = new DisplayCanvas();
      canvas.add(new Axes());
      // A compute button to recompute everything.
      ComputeButton computeButton = new ComputeButton("Update Display");
      // A menu of files that can be loaded.  If no filenames are provided as
      // applet parameters, then menu is null.
      Panel menu = makefileMenu();
      // Lay out the components in the applet.
      JCMPanel inputPanel = null;
      Panel bottom = null;  //might not be a JCMPanel
      if ( "yes".equalsIgnoreCase(getParameter("UseExpressionInputs","yes"))) {
         inputPanel = new JCMPanel(1,2);
         JCMPanel leftInput = new JCMPanel();
         leftInput.add(new Label("  Plot:  "), BorderLayout.WEST);
         leftInput.add(input1, BorderLayout.CENTER);
         JCMPanel rightInput = new JCMPanel();
         rightInput.add(new Label(" versus: "), BorderLayout.WEST);
         rightInput.add(input2, BorderLayout.CENTER);
         bottom = new JCMPanel(new BorderLayout(12,3));
         bottom.add(inputPanel, BorderLayout.CENTER);
         bottom.add(computeButton, BorderLayout.EAST);
      if ( scatterPlot.getShowRegressionLine() && "yes".equalsIgnoreCase(getParameter("ShowStats","yes")) ) {
            // Make a display label to show some statistics about the data.
         DisplayLabel dl = new DisplayLabel(
               "Slope = #;  Intercept = #;  Correlation = #",
                new Value[] { scatterPlot.getValueObject(ScatterPlot.SLOPE), 
                              scatterPlot.getValueObject(ScatterPlot.CORRELATION) }
         dl.setForeground(new Color(200,0,0));
         dl.setFont(new Font("Serif",Font.PLAIN,14));
         if (bottom != null) 
            bottom.add(dl, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
         else {
            bottom = new JCMPanel(new BorderLayout(12,3));
            bottom.add(dl, BorderLayout.CENTER);
            bottom.add(computeButton, BorderLayout.EAST);
      if (bottom == null) {
         if (menu != null)
            menu.add(computeButton, BorderLayout.EAST);
         else {
            bottom = new Panel();
      panel.add(canvas, BorderLayout.CENTER);
      panel.add(table, BorderLayout.WEST);
      if (bottom != null)
         panel.add(bottom, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
      if (menu != null)
         panel.add(menu, BorderLayout.NORTH);
      else {
         String title = getParameter("PanelTitle");
         if (title != null) {
            Label pt = new Label(title, Label.CENTER);
            pt.setForeground(new Color(200,0,0));
            pt.setFont(new Font("Serif",Font.PLAIN,14));
            panel.add(pt, BorderLayout.NORTH);
      return panel;
   } // end makeMainPanel()
   private Panel makefileMenu() {
         // If the applet tag contains params named "File", "File1", "File2", ..., use
         // their values to make a file menu.  If the value of the param contains a ";",
         // then the first part, up to the ";", goes into the menu and the second part
         // is the name of the file.  If there is no ";", then the entire value is
         // shown in the menu and is also used as the name of the file.  The actual
         // files must be in the same directory as the Web page that contains the applet.
      List<String> names = new ArrayList<String>();
      fileMenu = new Choice();
      String file = getParameter("File");
      int ct = 1;
      if (file == null) {
         file = getParameter("File1");
         ct = 2;
      while (file != null) {
         file = file.trim();
         int pos = file.indexOf(";");
         String menuEntry;
         if (pos == -1)
            menuEntry = file;
         else {
            menuEntry = file.substring(0,pos).trim();
            file = file.substring(pos+1).trim();
         file = getParameter("File" + ct);
      if (names.isEmpty()) {
         fileMenu = null;
         return null;
      else {
         fileNames  = names.toArray(new String[0]);
         Panel p = new Panel();
         p.setLayout(new BorderLayout(5,5));
         loadFileButton = new Button("Load Data File: ");
         return p;
   private void doLoadFile(String name) {
        // Load the file from the same directory as the Web page and put the data
        // from the file into the table.  The file should contain two numbers on
        // each line.
      InputStream in;
      try {
         URL url = new URL(getDocumentBase(), name);
         in = url.openStream();
      catch (Exception e) {
         canvas.setErrorMessage(null,"Unable to open file named \"" + name + "\": " + e);
      Reader inputReader = new InputStreamReader(in);
      try {
      catch (Exception e) {
         canvas.setErrorMessage(null,"Unable to get data from file \"" + name + "\": " + e.getMessage());

    *  Respond when user clicks a button; not meant to be called directly.
    *  This opens and closes the separate window.
   synchronized public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt) {
      Object source = evt.getSource();
      if (loadFileButton != null && source == loadFileButton) {
         doLoadFile( fileNames[fileMenu.getSelectedIndex()] );
      else if (source == launchButton && launchButton != null) {
            // Open or close separate frame.
         if (frame == null) {
            frame = new Frame(frameTitle);
            frame.addWindowListener( new WindowAdapter() {
                  public void windowClosing(WindowEvent evt) {
                  public void windowClosed(WindowEvent evt) {
               } );
            launchButton.setLabel("Close Window");
         else {
   synchronized private void frameClosed() {
        // respond when separate window closes.
      frame = null;
    *  Return the applet parameter with a given param name, but if no
    *  such applet param exists, return a default value instead.
   protected String getParameter(String paramName, String defaultValue) {
       String val = getParameter(paramName);
       return (val == null)? defaultValue : val;
} // end class ScatterPlotApplet

3D Plot Applet[edit]


This code requires JMathTools, an external library, to run.
  package org.math.examples; 
  import java.applet.*; 
  import org.math.plot.*;
   * Copyright : BSD License
   * @author Yann RICHET
  public class Plot3DApplet extends Applet {
    public void init() {
      // Data definition
      int n = 10;
      double[][] data"datas1" = new double[n][3];
      double[][] data"datas2" = new double[n][3];
      for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
        for (int j = 0; j < 3; j++) {
          data"datas1"[i][j] = Math.random();
          data"datas2"[i][j] = Math.random();
      // PlotPanel construction
      Plot3DPanel plotpanel = new Plot3DPanel();
      // Data plots addition
      plotpanel.addScatterPlot("datas1", data"datas1");
      plotpanel.addBarPlot("datas2", data"datas2");
      // include plot in applet


Using xmgrace via mlgrace:

# open Grace;;
# let gv = new grace_view ~layout:(`Size (650, 500)) ();;
val gv : Grace.grace_view = <obj>
# let rand() = Array.init 1000 (fun _ -> Random.float 1.);;
val rand : unit -> float array = <fun>
# gv#plot ~linestyle:0 ~symbol:1 (rand()) (rand());;
- : unit = ()
# gv#redraw ();;
- : unit = ()

Using PLplot, based on the mlgrace example:

open Plplot
let rand () = Array.init 1000 (fun _ -> Random.float 1.0) in
Quick_plot.points [rand (), rand ()]


use Chart::Plot qw();
my $img = Chart::Plot->new;
my @data = qw( -3 9   -2 4   -1 1   0 0   1 1  2 4  3 9);
$img->setData(\@data, 'noline'); # no lines = scatter plot
$img->draw; # returns binary PNG data


package require Plotchart

canvas .c -background white -width 400 -height 200
pack   .c -fill both

set s [::Plotchart::createXYPlot .c {0.0 100.0 10.0} {0.0 100.0 20.0}]
foreach {x y} {0.0 32.0 10.0 50.0 25.0 60.0 78.0 11.0 } {$s plot series1 $x $y}
$s title "Scatter plot"

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