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The Common Lisp section is breaking the formatting[edit]

Since there is only one apostrophe, the wiki seems to think that everything following it (such as every single section below it) is a String (or something like that) and coloring i blue. I know absolutely nothing about Common Lisp, so I don't know if there are supposed to be two apostrophes, or if adding another apostrophe would break the syntax, so, um, could someone more literate in it correct the problem? --Why My Fleece? 00:29, 19 April 2007 (CDT)

Objective-C version is a bit off[edit]

Other examples don't include variable declarations. To be similar to others the example would be better as:

foobar = [foo stringByAppendingString: bar];

C version needs more code[edit]

It must show some error handling, a malloc/realloc, etc.