Useful Unicode Characters

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Here are some useful characters that can be used in Unicode text.

Code (hex) Description Graphic
00A2 cent sign ¢
00A7 section symbol §
00A9 copyright symbol ©
00AC logical negation ¬
00AE registered trademark ®
00B0 degree symbol °
00B1 plus/minus ±
00B6 paragraph symbol/pilcrow
2014 em dash
2018 open single quote
2019 close single quote/apostrophe
201C open double quote
201D close double quote
2020 dagger
2021 double dagger
2022 bullet
2122 trademark
2324 enter key
2326 delete-right key
2327 clear key
232B delete-left key
2423 open box (graphic for space)
2639 white frowning face
263A white smiling face
263B black smiling face

These can be written in HTML as “&#xhexcode;”, for instance the logical negation character can be written as “¬”.