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These while loops will calculate the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Factorial Factorial] of a number:
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===Visual Basic / QBasic===
===Visual Basic / QBasic===
Line 21: Line 21:
  MsgBox Str( factorial )              // Prints out the result.
  MsgBox Str( factorial )              // Prints out the result.
===C or C++===
===C or C ===
  unsigned int counter = 5;
  unsigned int counter = 5;
Line 31: Line 31:
  printf("%i", factorial);
  printf("%i", factorial);
===Recursive approach in C or C++===
===Recursive approach in C or C ===
  unsigned long factorial(unsigned long f)
  unsigned long factorial(unsigned long f)
Line 147: Line 147:
   while Counter > 0 do begin
   while Counter > 0 do begin
     Factorial := Factorial * Counter;
     Factorial := Factorial * Counter;
     Counter := Counter - 1;
     Counter := Cou
nter - 1;
Line 155: Line 157:
  import operator
  import operator
  def factorial(num):
  def factorial(num):
     return reduce(operator.mul, range(1, num + 1))
     return reduce(operator.mul, range(1, num   1))

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Visual Basic / QBasic

Dim counter as Integer : counter = 5
Dim factorial as Long : factorial = 1
While (counter > 0)
  factorial = factorial * counter     'Multiply
  counter = counter - 1               'Decrement
Print factorial                       'Prints out the result.


Dim counter as Integer = 5
Dim factorial as Integer = 1
While counter > 0
  factorial = factorial * counter     //Multiply
  counter = counter - 1               //Decrement
MsgBox Str( factorial )               // Prints out the result.

C or C

unsigned int counter = 5;
unsigned long factorial = 1;
while (counter > 0)
  factorial *= counter--; /*Multiply, then decrement.*/

printf("%i", factorial);

Recursive approach in C or C

unsigned long factorial(unsigned long f)
   if (f) return(f * factorial(f - 1))
   return 1;

printf("%i", factorial(5));


<HIGHLIGHTSYNTAX language="perl">

sub factorial {
    my $n = shift;
    my $f = 1;
    $f *= $n-- while $n > 0;    # Multiply, then decrement
    return $f;
sub recursive_factorial {
    my $n = shift;
    return $n * recursive_factorial($n - 1) if $n;
    return 1;
print factorial 5;
print recursive_factorial 5;


Tcl (Tool command language)

set counter 5
set factorial 1
while {$counter > 0} {
  set factorial [expr $factorial * $counter] 
  incr counter -1 
puts $factorial
proc factorial n {
  if {$n <= 0} {
    return 1
  } else {
    return [expr {$n * [factorial [expr {$n - 1}]]}]

Java, Csharp

The code for the loop is the same for Java and Csharp:

Note: if you intend to use the program to generate large factorials (such as 20!, 50! etc.) then you should store and return the factorial as a double rather than a long or int, due to the far greater size of double-precision values.

int counter = 5;
long factorial = counter;
while (counter > 1)
   factorial *= --counter; // Multiply the decremented number.

//!n = n*(n-1)

For Java the result is printed as follows:


The equivalent in C# is:


Rather than using a loop, use a recursive method:

     * A recursive factorial calculation method
     * @param n the number to be factored
     * @return the factorial of n
    public static int factorial(int n) {
        return ((n == 0) ? 1 : n * factorial(n - 1));


Example 1

 # let rec fact = function
     | 0 -> 1
     | n -> n * fact(n-1);;
 val fact : int -> int = <fun>

For example:

 # fact 5;;
 - : int = 120

Example 2

# let rec f n = if n=0 then 1 else n*f(n-1);;
val f : int -> int = <fun>

For example:

# f 5;;
- : int = 120


program Factorial
  Counter, Factorial: integer;
  Counter := 5;
  Factorial := 1;
  while Counter > 0 do begin
    Factorial := Factorial * Counter;
    Counter := Cou

2000 nter - 1;



import operator
def factorial(num):
    return reduce(operator.mul, range(1, num   1))


(define (fac n)
 (if (= n 0)
     (* n (fac (- n 1)))))
;give fac a value of 5
(fac 5)

Common Lisp

;;; This is tail recursive. Remember that tail-recursion optimization isn't
;;; enabled by default in most CL compilers and interpreters
(defun ! (n)
        ((fact1 (n m)
             (if (zerop n)
                 (fact1 (1- n) (* m n)))))
    (fact1 n 1)))

This is an optimized algorithm, you can find more about it and some other ways to increase its performance at [1].

(defun ! (n)
    (let ((shift 0))
        (labels ((fact1 (n m)
                        ((and (evenp n) (> m 1))
                            (incf shift (ash n -1))
                            (fact1 (ash n -1) (ash m -1)))
                        ((<= n m) n)
                        (t (* (fact1 n (ash m 1)) (fact1 (- n m)(ash m 1)))))))
        (ash (fact1 n 1) shift))))