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** [http://www.rgagnon.com/howto.html Javascript How to]
** [http://www.rgagnon.com/howto.html Javascript How to]
** [http://www.esus.com/javaindex/j2se/jdk1.2/javautil/dates/dates.html Java Examples]
** [http://www.esus.com/javaindex/j2se/jdk1.2/javautil/dates/dates.html Java Examples]
** [http://www.symfony-project.org/snippets/ Symfony]
==General Guidelines==
==General Guidelines==

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Having just launched CodeCodex, there is much to do.

Content from other Wikis

Currently, I'm working to migrate some relevant information from Wikipedia and other sources to CC. I am putting pages that have a Wikipedia article that has information that could be usefull with this template: Category:Migrate from Wikipedia.

CodeCodex:Algorithms Project has a list of algorithms that need to be added to CodeCodex.

Content from around the web

Obviously, a huge source of content for CC is available around the internet. A few places to check are:

General Guidelines

For smaller bits of code used mainly for illustration, be sure to credit the author if the name is available. For larger chunks for code or entire classes / methods, be sure that the content is available in a free license. Also, please mark the code with the license governing that code.

For code that requires a specific package or include, be sure to mark the code as such.

Also, please keep bits of code as small as is possible for accomplishing the goal at hand. This is not the place for entire packages or applications. Methods and classes are generally enough!

About Spam/Vandal Bots

Firstly, I would like to propose permanently banning the following IPs:

Secondly, I'm curious about how we should go about determining how long to ban vandal IPs in general; we don't really seem to have a set amount of time (though I noticed that Nostromo is using 3 months for the first offense, which I've now started doing), but is just giving them a temporary ban really all that effective? The vast majority of the vandalism appears to be from bots, and they all use the same cookie-cutter method: remove all of the plus signs. Perhaps we should start thinking about perma-banning IP addresses that vandalize in this way, as it's highly likely they're just a bot whose sole purpose is to cause trouble. --Why My Fleece? 03:08, 20 September 2007 (CDT)