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Having just launched CodeCodex, there is much to do.

Content from other Wikis

Currently, I'm working to migrate some relavant information from Wikipedia and other sources to CC. I am putting pages that have a Wikipedia article that has information that could be usefull with this template: Category:Migrate from Wikipedia.

CodeCodex:Algorithms Project has a list of algorithms that need to be added to CodeCodex.

Content from around the web

Obviously, a huge source of content for CC is available around the internet. A few places to check are:

General Guidelines

For smaller bits of code used mainly for illustration, be sure to credit the author if the name is available. For larger chunks for code or entire classes / methods, be sure that the content is available in a free license. Also, please mark the code with the license governing that code.

For code that requires a specific package or include, be sure to mark the code as such.

Also, please keep bits of code a small as is possible for accomplishing the goal at hand. This is not the place for entire packages or applications. Methods and classes are generally enough!