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Dealing with Spam Users

Blocking Anonymous IP Accounts

IPAddress should be blocked based on the following schedule:

  • 1st Offense
    • The IP address should be blocked for 3 days.
  • 2nd Offense
    • The IP address should be blocked for 6 months.
  • 3rd Offense
    • The IP address should be blocked for 1 year.

Blocking User Accounts

No current policy.


Blocking of shared NAT IPs (such as AOL's or some college campuses) should be avoided. If a such a case occurs, please contact User:WikiSysop for resolution.

Banned words

Using MediaWiki's anti-spam features, these words are currently banned from CodeCodex. Trying to use these words in CodeCodex will not ban your account, but instead will just prevent you from saving your changes.

These words are banned because they were used in automated spam attempts on this or other wikis and because they have limited use in a wiki about source code.


All edits to CodeCodex are tested against this regular expressions. If an edit matches this expression, the edit is not allowed.

  • "/fuck|bitches|rape|porn|Zyrtec|Ambien|viagra|Zyban|". //These match spammy words
  • "rox\.pl|".
  • "fistanalexperience\.com|".
  • "searchmiracle\.com|".
  • "biblog\.ru|".
  • "gaiax\.com|".
  • "coz\.in|".
  • "jot\.com|".
  • "resanium\.com".
  • "[0-9]{20,50}|".

//that weird number spam

  • "overflow:\s*auto;\s*height:\s*[0-4]px;|".

//This matches against overflow:auto; hieght:0px; (most CSS hidden spam)

Recommended Additions to the List

After a repeated spam attack, feel free to add recommendations here.


Feel free to discuss CodeCodex's blacklist policy on this page's talk page.

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