Load comma seperated values (CSV) from a file into memory

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The following code uses the free library CSVReader. You must download this library to use the code below.

Sample Code

	CsvReader reader = new CsvReader("products.csv");


	while (reader.readRecord())
		String productID = reader.get("ProductID");
		String productName = reader.get("ProductName");
		String supplierID = reader.get("SupplierID");
		String categoryID = reader.get("CategoryID");
		String quantityPerUnit = reader.get("QuantityPerUnit");
		String unitPrice = reader.get("UnitPrice");
		String unitsInStock = reader.get("UnitsInStock");
		String unitsOnOrder = reader.get("UnitsOnOrder");
		String reorderLevel = reader.get("ReorderLevel");
		String discontinued = reader.get("Discontinued");
		// perform program logic here



Source File Format

	1,Chai,1,1,10 boxes x 20 bags,18,39,0,10,FALSE
	2,Chang,1,1,24 - 12 oz bottles,19,17,40,25,FALSE