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What is CodeCodex?

CodeCodex is a wiki for finding and improving code. Stop reinventing the wheel. Use CodeCodex to:

  • Browse and use pre-written code.
  • Learn new algorithms and methods for common programming tasks.
  • Use code in your own projects and submit new code for the community.
  • Improve performance of code in the repository and the organization of the library.

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Most Popular Articles

  1. Merge sort
  2. Count the number of occurrences of a specific character in a string
  3. Concatenate two strings
  4. Calculate the factorial of a number
  5. Escape sequences and escape characters
  6. Calculate Distance Between Two Points on a Globe
  7. Bubble sort
  8. Calculate an integer square root
  9. Trim whitespace (spaces) from a string
  10. Calculate the Fibonacci sequence

Most Popular Languages

  1. Java
  2. C
  3. Objective Caml
  4. Perl
  5. PHP
  6. Python
  7. Ruby

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Good titles say what the code does. For example, Calculate an integer square root and Convert HTML to text are good, clear titles.


(November 2010) A new way of syntax highlighting is live. Also, we've updated PHP and MediaWiki to newer versions. --Nostromo 19:45, 9 November 2010 (UTC)

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