Replace or remove all occurrences of a string

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String does not have a replaceAll function in JavaScript. To create such a function, use the code below. This function accepts regular expressions.

        String.prototype.replaceAll=function(s1, s2) { 
	  return this.replace(new RegExp(s1,"g"), s2);

To use this code:

        text = 'replace both x and x with a y';
        finalText = text.replaceAll('[x]','y');


Java has a built in function for replacing all occurrences of a string. This function accepts regular expressions.

	String s = "replace both x and x with a y";
	int numberOfCommas = s.replaceAll("x","y");


# let replace input output =
    Str.global_replace (Str.regexp_string input) output;;
val replace : string -> string -> string -> string = <fun>

For example:

# replace "133t" "Elite" "133t H4x0r";;
- : string = "Elite H4x0r"